Frequently asked questions

How long does a charge on the battery last?

We have designed our products around the premise that if you have not gotten a hit after 50 casts then you will probable want to change your presentration, So 50 casts, All bets are off when you hook up, The DataPro AI D01 goes into battery conserve mode if you are in tournament this allows critical weight profile to be logged.

How deep does the DataPro AI D01 go?

Your Lure has a IP68 rating 1.5M. we warrantee them to 30ft

Can i just use it as an underwater Video Camera?

Not Really, Two modes of operation are available. One is Recon: This allows for constant recording enabling one to check out the spot and modify your presentation to suite. Two is Fish: This is our data set mode we are interested in time of strike info a packet is saved around this event.

What happens if I loose my DataPro AI D01?

We have structured pricing like the printer ink model, You pay for a membership and recieve all the benifits and we give you replacement Lures at close to cost. $29 The units Mac # is the control you just log in the new unit ID and its provisioned. The old one is toast.

What is the Story with Membership?

Membership is the bee's knee. 1: Data set mining results. (Tell us what you need) Data set agregate: Geo location. Barometric Moon/tide Water temperature. Depth. Color. Shadow. Speed. Weight. Sound. 2: Fish Tournaments with a click of a button. 3: And YES you get a Cap and stickers.

Why would I not get one of these things?

You're to Old?